Monica is the Founder and Editor of The Femedic, a health media platform aimed at women and people with vaginas.

Most women and people with vaginas turn to the internet first for information about their health, but the content answering their questions consistently falls short.

There are over 10 million online searches per month for information on the core topics that The Femedic covers, yet it is not consistently inclusive, accurate, trustworthy, or genuinely useful.

Founded in 2017 as a media platform, The Femedic was created to fill the gaps in these experiences: providing content that answers questions in the depth deserved.

In 2019, The Femedic developed a digital content service for health brands.

The Femedic case study

Our approach

A whole-person approach

We investigate health through a holistic lens, valuing all aspects of health as intersecting and equally as impactful

An accredited provider

The Femedic is a trusted medical information provider, accredited by the Patient Information Forum (PIF)

Expert voices

We work with doctors to produce our medical content and activists, journalists, and diverse voices to produce editorial content

Our impact

100,000+ monthly readers

The Femedic has an engaged and consistent readership


We're thrilled that our work and Founder have been recognised by our industry peers 

An expert voice

We are regularly sought out to provide expert comment and insight on women's health 

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